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JEREMY HUDSON: Sydney's Premier Videographer & Photographer

As a photographer and director it’s the details that capture Jeremy’s attention. The light. Tiny amber bubbles rising in a cold, crisp pint of beer. Colours and textures that often go unnoticed, are highlighted and used to captivate through the lens.


Originally from London, Jeremy started his career on film, working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies where he specialised in food & drinks photography and video . Rapidly rising to the top of his industry in both the US and UK, he went on to photograph campaigns such as Coca Cola, Diageo, Lion Nathan,Canon and Sainsburys.


In 2012, in search of something different - and warmer weather - Jeremy headed across the Tasman and is now based in Sydney his partner, Cherie, their two young boys.


While he still specialises in high impact food and drinks photography and video, his fascination with capturing movement and light, has taken visuals to the next level by mixing traditional methods with futuristic robotics.


With a tireless passion for what he does, he is known for bringing creativity, genuine enthusiasm and a total commitment to achieving perfection for his clients. 


​A hallmark of his approach means constantly exploring new ideas and techniques to give the end product that dynamic, exciting and unforgettable edge. 


His unique style is recognised internationally, and he now works with clients across Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. 


Connect with Jeremy Hudson, Sydney's distinguished Commercial Director and Advertising Photographer, for a seamless collaboration that transforms your vision into striking visual narratives.


Whether it's invigorating drink photography, elegant food showcases, or compelling lifestyle portraits, Jeremy's expertise is just an email or call away. Let's discuss how we can elevate your project to new heights.

+61 (0)420 701 140

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